• Individual Tickets with Hospitality

    Steve Furgal's International Tennis Tours is proud to be the exclusive official agent for North America for Roland Garros tickets and hospitality.


    When confirming a Roland Garros ticket, please note that the name on the reservation MUST match the ORIGINAL identification of the person(s) attending Roland Garros.

    An original passport or driver's license (copies will not be accepted) will be required at the gates of Roland Garros and MUST correlate with the name on the e-ticket purchased through Steve Furgal's International Tennis Tours, the exclusive official ticket and tour agent for the North American market for Roland Garros.

Call 800-258-3664 to purchase.

Please note ticket prices may fluctuate based on the current market.  

Show Seating Chart
26 Sessions of Tennis Tickets
Category 1Combo Price
Sun May 22nd Day Session11:00 AM1st Round$625$625
Sun May 22nd Evening Session9:00 PMNo Night SessionN/A
Mon May 23rd Day Session11:00 AM1st Round$715 $975
Mon May 23rd Evening Session9:00 PM1st Round$360
Tue May 24th Day Session11:00 AM1st Round$745$1,005
Tue May 24th Evening Session9:00 PM1st Round$360
Wed May 25th Day Session11:00 AM2nd Round$770$1,055
Wed May 25th Evening Session9:00 PM2nd Round$385
Thu May 26th Day Session11:00 AM2nd Round$890$1,175
Thu May 26th Evening Session9:00 PM2nd Round$385
Fri May 27th Day Session11:00 AM3rd Round$965$1,365
Fri May 27th Evening Session9:00 PM3rd Round$500
Sat May 28th Day Session11:00 AM3rd Round$965$1,365
Sat May 28th Evening Session9:00 PM3rd Round$500
Sun May 29th Day Session11:00 AM4th Round $1,015$1,505
Sun May 29th Evening Session9:00 PM4th Round$590
Mon May 30th Day Session11:00 AM4th Round$1,065$1,555
Mon May 30th Evening Session9:00 PM4th Round$590
Tue May 31st Day Session12:00 PMQuarterfinals$1,115$1,730
Tue May 31st Evening Session5:00 PMQuarterfinals$715
Wed June 1st Day Session12:00 PMQuarterfinals$1,155$1,770
Wed June 1st Evening Session9:00 PMQuarterfinals$715
Thu June 2nd Day Session2:00 PMSemifinals$1,025$2,475
Fri June 3rd Day Session3:00 PMSemifinals$1,550
Sat June 4th Day Session3:00 PMWomen's Singles Final, Men's Doubles Final$1,065$2,820
Sun June 5th Day Session3:00 PMMen's Singles Final$1,855
Ticket Details
**When purchasing a ticket for Friday, June 3, you must also purchase a ticket for Thursday, June 2
**When purchasing a ticket for Sunday, June 5, you must also purchase a ticket for Saturday, June 4
All times are subject to change.
Individual Tickets with Hospitality includes:

Seating on Philippe-Chatrier Court on the Cochet side of the stadium.

Day sessions will consist of three matches while the night sessions will consist of one match. 

Category 1 tickets include hospitality with cocktail buffet lunch and dinner and open bar (beer, wine, champagne, and soft drinks) located at "The Orangerie" on the tennis grounds.

Private entrance into Roland Garros.

Roland Garros official tennis magazine and daily newspapers

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