• Luxury Suite Ticket Package

    Sensitive to the sun and want a cool place to retreat to if necessary?  Steve Furgal's International Tennis Tours has the ultimate suite at the BNP Paribas Open.  Located behind the baseline and on the first level of luxury suites, our two spacious suites accommodates up to 42 people each.  With an air conditioned interior, couches, chairs and tables to relax indoors, flat screen televisions to get the commentary, private restrooms and closet facilities, this is THE place to comfortably enjoy the tennis!  In addition to the indoor amenities, you will also have an assigned seat outside on the "deck" where you can watch the tennis up close and personal.

Show Seating Chart
20 Sessions of Tennis Tickets
Thu March 12thDay Session #211:00 AMMen's & Women's 1st Round
Thu March 12thEvening Session #37:00 PMMen's & Women's 1st Round
Fri March 13thDay Session #411:00 AMMen's 1st Round/ Women's 2nd Round
Fri March 13thEvening Session #57:00 PMMen's 1st Round/ Women's 2nd Round
Sat March 14thDay Session #611:00 AMMen's & Women's 2nd Round
Sat March 14thEvening Session #77:00 PMMen's & Women's 2nd Round
Sun March 15thDay Session #811:00 AMMen's 2nd Round/ Women's 3rd Round
Sun March 15thEvening Session #97:00 PMMen's 2nd Round/ Women's 3rd Round
Mon March 16thDay Session #1011:00 AMMen's & Women's 3rd Round
Mon March 16thEvening Session #117:00 PMMen's & Women's 3rd Round
Tue March 17thDay Session #1211:00 AMMen's 3rd Round/ Women's Round of 16
Tue March 17thEvening Session #137:00 PMMen's 3rd Round/ Women's Round of 16
Wed March 18thDay Session #1411:00 AMMen's Round of 16/ Women's Quarterfinals
Wed March 18thEvening Session #157:00 PMMen's Round of 16/ Women's Quarterfinals
Thu March 19thDay Session #1611:00 AMMen's & Women's Quarterfinals
Thu March 19thEvening Session #177:00 PMMen's & Women's Quarterfinals
Fri March 20thDay Session #1811:00 AMMen's Quarterfinals/ Women's Semifinals
Fri March 20thEvening Session #197:00 PMMen's Quarterfinals/ Women's Semifinals
Sat March 21stDay Session #2011:00 AMMen's Semifinals and Doubles Final/Women's Doubles Final
Sun March 22ndDay Session #2111:00 AMMen's & Women's Singles Final
Luxury Suite Package Price
Luxury Suite Ticket Package includes:

Food and Drinks included for the final three sessions

One seat in the Luxury Suite for each session

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